The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


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A Paisley physician who frequently refers cases to Cullen with whom he appears to be on friendly terms.

Cases that this person appears in:

CountCase IDCase Name
1Case 316Case of Mr Robert Neilson with a chronic, progressive illness, probably pulmonary (consumption) but possible cardiac. After a gap, in early January 1782, Cullen confirms that Neilson's condition is terminal. An autopsy soon follows.
2Case 363Case of Miss Peggy Neilson seriously ill with sores, breathing problems and a 'hectic', which eventually proves fatal.
3Case 553Case of James Orr who has a venereal infection in 1778, but by 1782 has abdominal complaints and various bodily pains which Cullen eventually attributes to a disordered liver.
4Case 554Case of William Orr who has an eye condition.
5Case 782Case of Robert Orr, who is consumptive.
6Case 1110Case of Peggie Nielson who has a chest complaint and has now developed an inflamed and swollen face.
7Case 1111Case of Claude Nielson who is passing blood in his urine, and has had a venereal infection he wants kept secret from his father.
8Case 1137Case of John, Lord Dunlop of Dunlop, who develops a bladder disorder then a severe flux and becomes very weak and despairing.
9Case 1286Case of the Rev. Colin Gillies who has suffered several fainting fits almost like epileptic seizures.
10Case 1317Case of the son of Mr and Mrs McArthur, 'affected with convulsive startings' after being 'placed upon his head by some other boys in imitation of Tumblers who at that time were in that Place'.
11Case 1404Case of Mrs Orr who is giddy from pains coming down from the crown of the head.
12Case 1452Case of the Revd. James Hamilton, minister in Paisley, who suffers from swollen and ulcerated legs. The case proves terminal and a post-mortem is performed by local surgeon Alexander ["Sanders"] Taylor.
13Case 1617Case of Mr Orr who is advised on taking a course of goat whey for a pectoral condition.
14Case 1635Case of Mr Maxwell of Williamwood who has been treated by Cullen for a venereal condition with a course of mercury.
15Case 1661Case of Mr Grierson who has a skin condition.
16Case 1940Case of John Hunter, a student at Glasgow College (University), who is about to travel to Madeira for the winter after developing a chest complain.
17Case 2050Case of Mrs McLaws (Macclaw) who has an 'eruption on her arm'.
18Case 2051Case of an unnamed male patient with a varicose aneurism as reported by Alexander Taylor.
19Case 2113Case of Charles Maxwell of Maxwell who has a 'spasmodic asthma'.
20Case 2132Case of Mrs Jean Neilson who has become deaf.
21Case 2134Case of Mr Davidson, previously treated by Cullen without a fee.
22Case 2136Case of an unnamed twenty-two year old woman who dies after being startled at a firework display.
23Case 2138Case of Mr Stuart who dies of a concussion.
24Case 2307Case of Mr Neil Sommerville who has a long history of the gout and disorders of the stomach.
25Case 2332Case of an unnamed male patient with an eye complaint, as reported by Dr Taylor.
26Case 2462Case of Mrs Kibble who complains of deafness.
27Case 2463Case of Mrs Orr, wife of William Orr, who has previous suffered a uterine prolapse.
28Case 2464Case of the unnamed son or grandson of Mrs Kibble, with a speck on each cornea.
29Case 2493Case of an unnamed patient of Alexander Taylor's who died of tetanus.
30Case 2496Case of Mr. Alice, a minister who consulted Cullen in Edinburgh 'lately' (1786).
31Case 2517Case of an unnamed lady, patient of Alexander Taylor, who sent no fee to Cullen.