The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


People [PERS ID:339]

First NameAndrew
Middle Name/Initial(s)
Last NameLiddell
Maiden Name
Medical Professional?Medical Professional


Birth (year) 1743
Date of death (year) 1818


Surgeon in Thurso. Born in Orkney, son of Andrew Liddell and Elizabeth Dinnison. Buried at St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh.

Cases that this person appears in:

CountCase IDCase Name
1Case 241Case of Mrs L, who 'suffered very great & long fatigue attending a sick Husband' some years ago, and has 'seldom been free from Stomach complaints' since; she also has a vaginal discharge and a tumour in her breast.
2Case 338Case of Miss---- of Orkney' who is prescribed salts, an electuary and and aperient. She may be the same patient as in Case 339.
3Case 339Case of Miss Traill of Orkney who visits Cullen who finds her condition, a kind of 'lepra', rather 'anomalous' but the result of 'weakness and irritability'. Has consulted Cullen earlier so maybe same person as Case 338.
4Case 374Case of Miss Sinclair with a severe cough and various other symptoms.
5Case 419Case of Mr Sinclair of Harpsdale', who has been 'troubled with a scorbutic eruption on the back of his hand'.
6Case 420Case of an unnamed female patient from Orkney, suffering from 'scrophulous complaints' for several years. Cullen had been giving advice on her treatment over the previous two years.
7Case 438Case of Mr Alexander Dunbar, adolescent son of Captain Dunbar of Westfield who has been 'subject to irregular & wandering Pains of his Belly' since infancy and who develops severe back pain, dizziness and an inability to stand.
8Case 497Case of young Robert Dunbar (son Lady Dunbar of Hempriggs), who has feverish symptoms.
9Case 498Case of Miss Alexandria "Lexie" Dunbar (eighteen-year-old daughter of Sir William Dunbar) who has a persistent cough and chest complaint.
10Case 505Case of Alexander Bremner, a farmer with complications after the surgical removal of a tumour on his lip.
11Case 575Case of Reverend James Taylor with bloody stools.
12Case 744The Case of Miss Sinclair of Southdun who has a chest complaint.
13Case 851Case of 'Harpsdale's son', Alexander Sinclair, a young boy who is troubled with spreading tumours on his leg and arms.
14Case 1015Case of Mrs Sinclair who for fear of medicines has not sought help before becoming emaciated and weak with looseness (diarrhoea).
15Case 1449Case of John Macbeath, who Cullen believes is 'in danger of Apoplexy or Palsy unless Dropsy comes in to prevent the appearance of these'.
16Case 1508Case of Lieutenant William Horne, who visits Cullen from Ireland in April 1782 to seek advice for a long-standing disorder characterised by pains around his kidney and sediment in his urine and for which he seeks advice again in October 1783.
17Case 1935Case of Mrs Innes of Sanside [i.e. Sandside, by Thurso] who reports a dull pain down her right side and other symptoms which Cullen mainly attributes to a 'gravellish' condition.
18Case 2122Case of Mrs Rose whose case is described as desperate.
19Case 2145Case of Mrs Gibson who visits Cullen in Edinburgh.
20Case 2503Case of Miss Traill (Trail) of Westove, 'liable to have some eruption on her skin'.
21Case 2508Case of a woman suffering from cough.