The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


[ID:316] From: Dr William Cullen (Professor Cullen) / To: [ADDRESSEE UNKNOWN] / Regarding: Mrs Jane Gomeldon (Middleton) (of Newcastle) (Patient) / July? 1775? / (Outgoing)

Reply 'For Mrs Gomeldon'; three recipes.


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DOC ID 316
RCPE Catalogue Number CUL/1/1/6/17
Main Language English
Document Direction Outgoing
DateJuly? 1775?
Annotation None
TypeScribal copy ( includes Casebook Entry)
Enclosure(s) No enclosure(s)
Autopsy No
Recipe Yes
Regimen No
Letter of Introduction No
Case Note No
Summary Reply 'For Mrs Gomeldon'; three recipes.
Manuscript Incomplete? No
Evidence of Commercial Posting No


Cases that this document belongs to:

Case ID Description Num Docs
[Case ID:509]
Case of the poet Mrs Jane Gomeldon who is prescribed various medicines, including a diaphoretic and volatile oil to clear her sinuses.

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Person IDRole in documentPerson
[PERS ID:1]AuthorDr William Cullen (Professor Cullen)
[PERS ID:1437]PatientMrs Jane Gomeldon (of Newcastle)
[PERS ID:1]Patient's Physician / Surgeon / ApothecaryDr William Cullen (Professor Cullen)

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Place of Writing Cullen's House / Mint Close Edinburgh Edinburgh and East Scotland Europe certain
Destination of Letter Newcastle upon Tyne North-East England Europe inferred

Normalized Text

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For Mrs Gomeldon

Take 2 ounces of the best Olive Oil, half a drachm of distilled Lavender Oil, and a drachm of Caustic Spirit of Ammoniac Salt. Mix. Label: Volatile Oil.

Take 2 ounces of Radish Root, freshly grated into small pieces and 4 ounces of boiling water. Steep in a closed vessel for 12 hours and then dissolve in the strained liquid enough sugar as to make a syrup. Label: Aperient syrup.

Take a drachm each of Gum Guaiacum and Tartar Crystals, 6 grains of Tartar Emetic and 2 drachms of Liquorice Extract. [Having cut up the extract very small?], gradually pour over boiling water to soften and reduce to a pulp, then add the rest. Rub into a fine powder to make a mass to be divided into pills of 5 grains each. Label: Diaphoretic Pills.

Diplomatic Text

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For Mrs Gomeldon

℞. Ol. Olivar. opt. ℥ij Ol. lavend. still. ʒiſs Spir. Sal. Ammon. caust. ʒj
ℳ. Sig. Volatile Oil.

Rad. raph. rust. recent. minutim. rasi ℥ij aq. bullient. ℥iv Digere
in vase clause horas duodecim et in liquore colato solve saccharum ut f. syrupus
Signa Aperient syrup

Gum. guaiac, crystall. tartar. @ ʒi Tartar emet. gr. vi Extr. Glychyrrh. ʒij
Extracto concise affunde aq. bullient. paululum ut mollescat et in pulpam con¬
fundatur dein adde cætera in pulverem tenuem trita ut f. massa dividenda
in pil. sing. gr. v Signa Diaphoretic Pills.


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