The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


People [PERS ID:591]

First NameAlexander
Middle Name/Initial(s)
Last NameDunlop
Maiden Name
AKASanders, Saunders
Medical Professional?Medical Professional


Birth (year) 1740
Date of death (year) 1815


Entered the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in 1765. One of the original managers of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Nephew of Major Hutchison Dunlop.

Cases that this person appears in:

CountCase IDCase Name
1Case 330Case of John Glassford, the 'Tobacco Lord' who suffers from a long-term stomach complaint which eventually proves fatal. Includes post-mortem report. Internal reference implies he was Cullen's patient in 1768, though no letters are extant.
2Case 373Case of David Russell with various symptoms including genito-urinary problems.
3Case 389Case of Mrs Hopekirk who is diagnosed as having an obstructed pylorus.
4Case 557Case of Amelia, wife of George Murdoch, who now has tumours on her legs and a cold (following an earlier Case:1637).
5Case 596Case of Robert Fergusson with a suspected venereal disease. Not obviously same patient as Case 935.
6Case 600Case of Mrs Fisher who has a feverish condition and sore lips.
7Case 663Case of Miss Hamilton who is so ill she believes only death can relieve her. Possibly same patient as Case 69.
8Case 865Case of Mr Buchanan who has a history eye problems, with some episodes of aches and fever while spending time in America.
9Case 949Case of Mrs Aikman who has a bowel disorder.
10Case 1001Case of Mrs Agnes Campbell of Clathick who has a pulmonary disorder and is spitting blood.
11Case 1136Case of "little Clark", the grandson of Robert Bogle of Shettleston.
12Case 1137Case of John, Lord Dunlop of Dunlop, who develops a bladder disorder then a severe flux and becomes very weak and despairing.
13Case 1138Case of Frances Dunlop who has a fever and becomes delirious.
14Case 1228Case of Mr John Rowand senior who has a cough and asthma.
15Case 1412Case of Mr Brown whose present pains, numbness and other symptoms are not thought to be related to a former venereal infection. He undergoes electrical treatment.
16Case 1414Case of the surgeon Gavin Fullarton who seeks advice on his own very painful rectal complaint.
17Case 1554Case of a female patient's veneareal disease, under the care of Dr Sanders while 'Dr Cullen and Monro are of opinion that the venereal virus is not entirely eradicate'.
18Case 1576Case of Major Hutchison Dunlop who is to be bled, blistered and given a cooling mixture.
19Case 1615Case of Mr Govan who has an obstinate stomach disorder.
20Case 1720Case of Mr Coates who has dropsy.
21Case 1728Case of Mr Donald who has a bowel disorder, and who is considering a recuperative 'jaunt'.
22Case 1808Case of William Bogle who has lived a life of 'excess' and currently has a Pox (venereal infection).
23Case 2013Case of the son of Mr Bowman who has a history of epilepsy. Mention made of treatment undertaken four years previously but no obvious connection with earlier cases in 1783.
24Case 2020Case of Captain Birrel [Burrel] whose symptoms include headaches and perspiring; he then has a convulsive fit.
25Case 2023Case of Mr Campbell of Succoth, who has a 'movable tumour' on the lower lid of his left eye.
26Case 2061Case of George Murdoch who has a bladder problem.
27Case 2468Case of an unnamed male patient with venereal disease.
28Case 2469Case of an unnamed female patient with possible venereal disease.
29Case 2566Case of Cullen's close associate Dr Alexander Stevenson. Professor at Glasgow, who injures himself getting out of a coach. Cullen is not being formerly consulted, but observes that it will hinder his friend dancing.