The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


People [PERS ID:408]

First NameJames
Middle Name/Initial(s)
Last NameWood
Maiden Name
AKAof Berwick
Medical Professional?Medical Professional


Birth (year)
Date of death (year)


Surgeon in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Cases that this person appears in:

CountCase IDCase Name
1Case 8Case of Lady Charlotte Hay who suffers from rheumatism in her head and arm, and other symptoms over many years while Cullen serves as family physician.
2Case 186Case of Jane Dickenson who has severe menstrual pains.
3Case 372Case of Master Bell, an infant with paralysis of the legs after a fever.
4Case 521Case of Mr Potts who may have gout.
5Case 523Case of Mr Key, a 45-year-old man who 'has for several years past been troubled with violent head achs', and mortified toes.
6Case 581Case of W. Burnett suffering from incontinency of urine while sleeping.
7Case 685Case of Miss Strangeways who has consulted Cullen earlier when he was at Berwick over her severe chest pains and now requests that he waive any further fee.
8Case 692Case of Sir Thomas Haggerston who has gout and a weak stomach.
9Case 1753Case of Mr Hart whose complaints are all attributed to 'a gouty disposition'.
10Case 2213Case of Mr Parker who has a gouty stomach.
11Case 2552Case of Lady Augusta Hay who suffers from pains in her side.