The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


People [PERS ID:2837]

First NameWilliam
Middle Name/Initial(s)
Last NameTurnbull
Maiden Name
OccupationSurgeon-apothecary at Wooler
Medical Professional?Medical Professional


Birth (year) 1729
Date of death (year) 1796


Surgeon-apothecary in Wooler, before William Cockayne. Born in Hawick. Studied at Edinburgh and Glasgow. 1757 he settled at Wooler in Northumberland, and was chosen physician of the Bamburgh infirmary. On Sir John Pringle's advice, went to London in 1777, and was appointed physician to the Eastern dispensary. Died London 2 May 1796 in his 67th year.

Cases that this person appears in:

CountCase IDCase Name
1Case 1Case of the Reverend Mr Cuthbert Allen of Wooler, suffering from consumption, and later anasarca and a hernia to his scrotum.
2Case 26Case of Mrs Younghusband with complications during pregnancy.
3Case 178Case of Mr Smith who has competed a month-long mercurial course.
4Case 494Case of Henry Elliot who has a skin eruption. Consults Cullen on other matters in later years.
5Case 514Case of the Reverend Mr Crichton [Crieghton] who has consulted Culler earlier for his gout, gravel and rheumatism but no letter traced.
6Case 540Case of Mr Crawfurd [Crawford] whose health went into decline after the heavy drinking undertaken while contesting the last election at Morpeth which left him vulnerable to catching a cold and he is left with a persistent cough.
7Case 548Case of Robert Chisholm who travels to Bath for an unstated condition.
8Case 856Case of Mrs Elliot who has a chronic catarrhal cough, diarrhœa and menstrual problems.
9Case 857Case of the Reverend Mr Henry Elliot of Fowberry who suffers from a bad stoamch, 'heats' and other 'nervous' symptoms which are exaccerbated by the loss of his wife.
10Case 973Case of Mrs Cockayne [Cocayne] who consults Cullen over several years regarding a painful abdominal condition.
11Case 1119Case of Miss Orde of Weetwood who has a rheumatic knee.