The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


People [PERS ID:2173]

First NameAlexander Henry
Middle Name/Initial(s)
Last NameHalliday
Maiden Name
AKAHalyday, Halleday
Medical Professional?Medical Professional


Birth (year) 1728
Date of death (year) 1802


At present no additional information available.

Cases that this person appears in:

CountCase IDCase Name
1Case 422Case of Mrs Arnot of Conuchy, who is aged 80 and has a sudden illness.
2Case 1127Case of Mrs Paterson whose shortness of breath, swollen legs and thirst are all taken as signs of dropsy. She later develops a 'nervous stomach'.
3Case 1574Case of Miss Delway whose whimsical notions concerning being infested with worms are described in a facetious letter by her cousin Dr Haliday.
4Case 1608Case of Miss Dalloway who is 'troubled with worms'.
5Case 1786Case of Mrs Forsaythe [Forsyth] who has a 'tremor' and partial paralyis down her entire right side, accompanied by other symptoms.
6Case 2211Case of Mrs Conningham who has a stomach disorder and uterine condition.
7Case 2476Case of an unnamed female patient who has suffered a gradual 'feebleness' over her whole body, with tremors and accompanied by a skin condition.