The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


Research Team

Principal Investigator: Dr David E. Shuttleton
Systems Developer: Mark Herraghty
Research Associate: Dr Jenny Bann

Most of the Cullen project members at Glasgow University

The project team members (most of us!) at Glasgow University. Picture taken December 2013


Project Assistants:

  • Dr James Butler
  • Rebecca DeWald
  • Dr Marianne Gilchrist
  • Dr Johanna Green
  • Dr Luca Guariento
  • Stephen Hall
  • Dr Eilidh Kane
  • Felicity Maxwell
  • Lauren McClelland
  • Dr Mary Rambaran-Olm
  • Gillian Weir
  • Dr Vivien Williams

PhD Scholarship:Jane Corrie

Thanks also to: Dr Jeff Wolf, Dave Beavan, Chris MacLure, Chris McGlashan, Graeme Cannon, Ger Malcolm and Nick Wade.

At the RCPE: Prof Derek Bell (President), Prof I.M.L. Donaldson (Fellow and Honorary Librarian), Iain Milne (Sibbald Librarian), and Alison Scott (archivist).

Photography: UK Archiving, Edinburgh

Dr Shuttleton would like to thank all his past and present colleagues in the School of Critical Studies (and beyond) at Glasgow University who in various ways have kindly given their support to this project, including Nikki Axford, Wendy Burt, Prof Gerry Carruthers (Scottish Literature), Dr Megan Coyer, Prof. John Corbett, Dr John Coyle, Julie Gardham (Special Collections), Sarah Hepworth (Special Collections), Dr Vassiliki Kolocotroni (Head of English Literature), Prof Nigel Leask, Robert Maclean (Special Collections), Meg MacDonald, Dr Gavin Miller (Director of the MHRC), Prof. Malcolm Nicolson (Centre for the History of Medicine), Prof Andrew Prescott, Prof Jeremy Smith (Head of School) and all colleagues in English Literature.