The Consultation Letters of Dr William Cullen (1710-1790) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


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For Mr George Dunbar

His case gouty

Leeches applied to his knee, if the pain continues & pro¬
duces swelling.

If the pain is in the haunch or Back, let leeches be
applied there.

If the leeches give relief, they are to be repeated.

If the knee is relieved, & the haunch or Back continues
pained: leeches may also be applied l a day or two
after to the pained parts.

If leches do not answer a blister is to be applied
If neither the bleeding nor blistering give relieve - he
is to be moderately sweated, by taking ʒſs Dovers powder &c

Moderate diet. -

To provide the effects of the bleeding & blistering proposed
sould take the Diaphoretic mixure ordered below - This should
keep his Belly regular but if not, he is to take the
Laxative pills, also ordered below. --

Take two drachms each of gum guaiac and white sugar. Grind together well and then add one ounce of gum Arabic. Grind again and gradually add three ounces each of rose water and cinnamon [and spirit of wine?]. Mix. Label: Diaphoretic Mixture, a table spoonfull or two to be taken twice a day shaking the phial very well before pouring out.

Take one drachm each of socoterine aloes and extract of gentian, one scruple of polychrest salts, and a sufficient quantity of simple syrup, and make a mass, divided into pills of five grains each. Label: Laxative pills, one or two for a dose at bedtime.

vide p. 29

Edinburgh 23. March 1774 -